Monday, June 28, 2010


This is wrong on so many levels:
What the hell IS that thing?? Clearly a bunny on methamphetamines. Hes been up for 3 days and he is looking for his next fix. The lines under his eyes and his gaping maw are just the thing to make the family say "Yippie! Let's eat!"

Now lets assume it actually is edible. It looks like a cross between a billboard for D.A.R.E and one of those Hostess Snowballs, which are entrancing to look at, but are best used as casual weapons to be lobbed at unsuspecting passers-by, just like real snowballs. Who makes these things? And what were they thinking? "Oh I'll just slap together some Marshmallow fluff...sprinkle it with pink coconut, and slap a plastic scary bunny face on it.....Bon Appetit!!!!!!