Tuesday, September 9, 2008

At lease he didn't die on my birthday

Jack Weil : Fashion inventor

Man, I love his shirts. I got one at the Cowboy Museum in OKC a few years back, its so thoughtfully made and they last forever. Plus the snaps never fall off, and the Rockmount label is so retro cool....even though its the same design they have always used.

From the Economist obit:

"Until he created his shirts, there was no distinctively western look in American couture. There were cowboys; but they wore dusty working clothes, accessorised with sweaty bandannas and clanking spurs, that no one much cared to copy. Indeed, Mr Weil early on in his career made work-gear for cowboys, and learnt an important fact: they had no money. If he wanted to make any money himself, he would have to appeal not to the catwalk instincts of cattlemen, which were hard to spot, but to wannabe easterner cowboys who lived in, say, New York. Fortunately, there were plenty of them."

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