Monday, December 29, 2008


OK so yes I AM 6' if you are looking down and I come up to your cosmetics counter at the department store, you might possibly assume I am a man because all you see in your peripheral vision is a tall looming figure, ...its happened before and I don't begrudge you the mistake.

The only way you would STILL mistake me for a man is if you were functionally blind, or had an advanced case of Alzheimers....but if that were the case you probably would be unable to dress you likely would not be working at a department store in the first place.....but I digress....

Now if you work for the American Red Cross and you've called me up and asked me to come donate blood during my holiday vacation, and I am sitting beside you and you've looked up my information on your computer, you do not ask me "It says here you are a female, is that correct?"

Believe me, this is not the way to win friends and influence people.....or blood donors

Sign me,
Future customer of the plasma center


betsysw said...

What the F**K. It's hard to imagine that some people could be this stupid. Yet, here again we have more proof. Love you and your blog!

Eliza said...

Maybe it's been brought on by a) the vast amount of folks getting gender changes and b) a self-disclosure "rule" thrown in for extra frustration. Luckily, you don't REMOTELY look male...pretty as a peach plus, you've got lovely delicate wrists, etc. Love you and your blog 2!!